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What is the advantage of 'Mein Mietlager'?

„Mein Mietlager“ offers dry and secure storage areas that are held at the right temperature. Included in the rent are all extra costs as well as the free use of our loading ramps and transport aids. Traffic routes have to be taken into account, too. All storage boxes can be reached via wide corridors. Also, if you especially rent a warehouse for your purposes, you will stumble on traffic routes and side spaces that cannot be used for actually storing your items. As a result, there will be an increase in the actual prices per square metre for the storage area of up to 45%.

The advantage over a warehouse:

Normal warehouses do not have the usual insulation. Consequently, heating costs will take off unexpectedly. With 'Mein Mietlager', you do not need to worry about this - there are no extra costs or extra payments!

The advantage over storing your belongings in a garage:

Very often, garages do not have the right temperature. Limited ventilation/air-conditioning/insulation is the cause that your items are not well protected against dampness or heat. Objects like, for instance, furniture or clothing in particular, tend to become musty very fast. Even mould can accumulate.

How much space do I need?

In many cases, it turns out that there is a false assumption concerning the space you really need. Approximately you can say that for a 4-room apartment or a fully loaded Sprinter, you need 10 square metres. Only on-site, when it has become clear what size your storage box must be, a lease agreement will be signed. You don't take a risk! Size guide >

When can I access my own storage box?

You have access daily between 6.00 a.m. and 10.00 p.m.

How can I deliver my belongings?

You can drive your car/van directly to the loading ramp. From there, it is only a few steps to your storeroom.

What do I have to bear in mind when leasing storage space?

At first, we have to determine the floor space you actually need. Secondly, we need your identity card for data verification to conclude the lease agreement. The first rental charge and the security deposit, an amount of one gross rental charge have to be paid on concluding the agreement in cash. All further rental charges are debited from your account.

Am I allowed to authorize other persons to access the rented property?

Yes, you are. You just have to name this person /these persons in written form. Then, these persons also have an access permit to Mein-Mietlager via your personal KeyCard. You allow direct access to your storage box yourself – by handing out your own key for the padlock of your box.

I can hardly carry these heavy things...

We are equipped with various transport aids you can use for free.

Are my belongings covered by insurance?
  • If you hold a household contents insurance, then have your belongings included in this insurance.
  • We offer you a very reasonable, good insurance for your objects so that they are not only stored safely, but also insured safely. By means of the general insurance policy of Mein-Mietlager, you can take out a property insurance directly with us. We charge a low monthly premium of 1.25 euros per 1000 euros on the value of goods.

As a consequence, your stored items are insured against the risks of fire, burglary, vandalism, water damages and natural disasters.

What kind of things are forbidden to be put into storage?

Highly inflammable materials and substances
Explosive substances and any kind of weapon
Drugs & addictive substances, food and other perishable goods,
chemicals, poisonous waste, special waste and residual waste